About Us

At MediMee our goal is simple! 

 We aim to help save lives and give peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your vital emergency information can be communicated in a matter of seconds in the event of an emergency. Anywhere in the world!


 We have formed a highly motivated team, consisting of both technology and medical backgrounds and together, we are dedicated to finding new innovative ways of helping people. 

The MediMee TeamMediMee isn't just a good idea. In fact it was born out of necessity when our Co-Founder(Bernard Nolan) collapsed and narrowly had his life saved by paramedics. Luckily Bernard had a colleague that was able to accurately communicate his medical information.

But this got us thinking, what if he was alone? or travelling abroad? How could he effectively communicate his medical needs even when he was unable to?
That idea was the birth of MediMee.