MediMee personal

One Place for all your family's essential emergency information 


MediMee was born from necessity and like us, we're sure your family is important to you also. MediMee was designed to keep track, Manage and share vital information, including medical conditions, emergency contacts, allergies, asthma plans, immunisations, medications and much more. Ensure trusted carers know what to do, who to call or what to tell an ambulance paramedic in an emergency.

Create a personal profile or one for your entire family

Emergency & medical contacts, medical conditions, medications, action plans (e.g. asthma, anaphylaxis), and any care instructions.

Access life saving information

In case of an emergency, gain piece of mind knowing your MediMee profile can be easily and securely accessed in a matter of seconds. 


Be prepared for emergencies

As in most emergencies, Time is one of the most important factors! Save time and eliminate the chance of medical errors with instant access to your MediMee profile, even when travelling abroad. Quickly send an SOS message detailing your exact GPS location.